Haver Informal Jewish Educational Foundation

The word „Haver” means friend in Hebrew just as in Hungarian.

A non-profit organization established in 2002, Haver Foundation stands with individuals and educational organizations and institutions – mostly high schools and universities – to promote a diverse and inclusive society in Hungary. Haver works to combat prejudice and discrimination and to promote social cohesion through dialogue, training, education and advocacy.

We aim to start an open and honest discussion and dialog between Jews and non-Jews that leads to tolerance and common understanding. It is essential to give special attention to the colorful modern Jewish life of the 21st century.

Only a thoughtful youth open to diversity can repel the tendency to Antisemitism and prejudices. The main objective of Haver’s work and activities is to promote mutual respect between people and contribute to the cross-cultural dialog.

We reach five thousand high school students, university students and educators yearly, and provide them a wide range of educational activities and programs.

The educational sessions and activities, which includes subject-specific modules on Shoa, anti-Semitism and Jewish identity forms, is designed in the spirit of anti-prejudice and diversity education: to facilitate dialog and sharing of experiences in the area of religion and culture; to recognize, respect and understand religious, cultural and identity diversity; to confront prejudice and discrimination and to develop individual skills and institutional strategies for creating inclusive inter-cultural environments.

The Haver Informal Jewish Educational Public Benefit Foundation’s mission is to foster dialog and spread tolerance through informal education. The foundation fulfills its mission through educational activities, seminars, publications, exhibitions, and exchange programs targeted at youth and teachers.

Haver Foundation is working towards a democratic, diverse, inclusive Hungary to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of its people and citizens.  With a Jewish population of over 100,000, Hungary is a major center of Jewish life in the world.

The Founders of the Haver Informal Jewish Educational Public Benefit Foundation are young Hungarians both Jews and non-Jews who wish to reach out to young people in the spirit of the name they chose: friendship and open dialog. We believe that by organizing and conducting open discussions, lectures and educational activities around the subject of Jews and Judaism, we can successfully fight prejudice and misconceptions and promote increased levels of understanding and tolerance.

Haver does a lot with a little due to its large volunteer base.



The Haver Foundation team has developed educational modules adapted for three main target groups – young people (aged 14-18), university students (19 – 25) and educators – complementing our broader anti-prejudice diversity educational programs, these module focus on some of the specific cultural, religious and social issues that confront Hungarian society today.


Foundation Future

The people involved with the Haver Foundation are creating together a unique model and example of commitment, innovation, responsibility, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness. Voluntarism is a key element of the Foundation’s work, where board members (6) and educators (20) are working together and thus contribute to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the organization. Taking into consideration the context of today’s situation in Hungary, this is an outstanding achievement on capacity building and community development.

Based on the solid and stable ground provided by the board members in partnership with the volunteers of the Foundation, new innovative programs, activities, materials and channels of communication and dialog are in the process of development. The knowledge and values, based on the approach of foundation’s work, is stimulating and creates the opportunity for reaching more students and teachers, and of having a greater impact at the community and society level.

Outreaching to more young Jewish people it is a high priority on our agenda, with a permanent focus on offering possibilities for participation, education, engagement and empowerment.

How You can help!

Volunteer! We are always in need of the assistance of educators, and we are happy to accept any other help for the implementation of our projects. Should You wish to volunteer please contact us at: haver@haver.hu

Donate! Although volunteers are not paid, Haver does cost money. We greatly appreciate any financial support, because such contributions make our long-term operation possible.

For additional information please contact Júlia Dés, Haver Foundation CEO at:

julia.des@haver.hu or +36 30 2225559.

If You wish to give us a financial support, please use the following bank account:

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.


Euro bank account number: HU02 1091 8001 0000 0012 3367 0019

Quotes. Students & teachers about Haver

R.S., teacher

“I liked the educational activity of Haver, it enlightened the children, focused on preventing stereotypes and we got to know that it is completely acceptable to be open about who you are, and people shouldn’t be ashamed of this. It was an excellent lesson for them.”

M.T., student (16)

“I think it was good, especially the part when we had to choose from those pictures and tell who is Jewish and who is not. This made things clear in my opinion. The part when we had to split into these groups with the spots on our foreheads was also good, the “exclusion” of Laci became obvious for a lot of us and we’ve realized this at the point when we started to talk about it.”

R.Sz., student (15)

“I liked that part the most when we had to sit down in groups and we had to decide and argue about those descriptions. I regret that there were not more people coming from the foundation, it could have been interesting for us to hear other opinions as well, but altogether it was quite interesting.”

L.B., student (16)

“I liked the program of Haver foundation very much. It was interesting and a little bit weird in the same time when we had to find our groups with those spots, everyone could get an experience how does it feel like to be alone. I found the part when we had to define Judaism much more challenging, I would have chosen many different explanations not only one. I liked it because we could learn a lot of new things about Judaism.”

I.G., student (17)

“I found the lecture of Haver foundation very interesting because I’ve been interested in the religion, tradition and history of Jews even before this lecture. It was very good that we could get into arguments, and had the opportunity to convince each other. It was useful when we were looking at those pictures and everyone was trying to figure out who is Jewish and most of us were focusing on the beard, the color of the skin and stuff, then we had to realize that it is quite impossible to tell who is Jewish.”

E.B., student (17)

“I think it was good that the guy who facilitated the lecture was nice and open and because of this people could loosen up and enjoy themselves. For me it was useful because I haven’t been thinking about topics like these before and moreover I got to know what my schoolmates think of these things.”

Gy.D., student (16)

“I think it was instructive, I liked it that it was more of a conversation. What I did not like is that some people were talking way too much… but I liked it anyway!”


Haver Informal Jewish Educational Foundation


Dr. József Schweitzer

President of the Board

Marcell Kenesei

Board members

Tamás Büchler, Tamás Doffek, Zsuzsa Fritz, Zoltán Háberman, Tamás Verő, Dr. Judit Mandl


Júlia Dés, CEO

Péter Neumann, Coordinator


Hungary 1053, Budapest, Ferenciek tere 7-8.



For additional information please contact

Júlia Dés, Haver Foundation CEO at:  julia.des@haver.hu or +36 30 2225559


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